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Disability Policy

This practice is committed to working towards equality of opportunity for every member of the practice team and for every patient. This statement is one important way of achieving this objective.

The policy

The practice recognises that discrimination on the grounds of disability is illegal. Through this policy, through training and by example, the practice wishes to demonstrate that it does not tolerate discrimination by anyone working in the practice.


The practice and its staff will not treat a disabled person less favourably than another person because of a disability. Less favourable treatment includes

• Refusing to treat a person on the bases that they are disabled

• Giving a disabled patient a lower standard of service or treating him/her in a worse manner than an able-bodied patient

• Offering a disabled patient less favourable terms

The following exceptions may occur when, in the Dentist opinion

• Health and safety reason exist where either patient or someone else would come to some harm if the dentist did not refuse treatment

• A disabled patient is unable to understand that treatment must be paid for, where appropriate

• The situation would mean negating or no longer providing the service

The practice will do its best to change or remove policies, practices and procedures that make it very difficult or impossible for a disabled patient to use the practice.


The practice

• Will not unjustifiably treat a disabled employee less favourably for a reason that relates to a disability

• Will comply with a duty of reasonable adjustment to any physical feature of the premises or to working arrangements unless the adjustment would be of no substantial benefit.

The practice will not discriminate against a disabled person

• In the arrangements made for determining who should be offered employment

• In the terms on which the disabled person is offered employment

• By refusing to offer or deliberately not offering the disabled person employment

• In the opportunities that are afforded to an employee for promotion, a transfer, training or receiving any other benefits

• By refusing to afford, or deliberately no affording, any such opportunity

• By dismissal or any other detriment

The practice will undertake to provide support, assistance and, if necessary, counselling to members of the practice who are victims of violence and aggression in the course of their work. In appropriate cases, a discretionary period of sick leave on full pay will be granted.

We have tried to identify areas of the practice and potential risks or barriers for disabled patients. These reports can be found in the audit folder.

This policy will be reviewed and updated regularly.

Next Review: March 2019